Wizard's Twilight

izard's Twilight is a phenomenon experienced, on occasion, by magi of the Order of Hermes when they fail to properly channel and contain their magical works.

To the magus themself, the outside world vanishes, and they find themselves in the Twilight Void, a realm of bizarre, frequently indescribable experiences that hint at a far deeper meaning. Magi who grasp some of this deeper meaning can return from twilight with greater understanding of their art, or even with entirely new spells in their repertoire.

To others, the effects of twilight can vary tremendously. Magi entering twilight have been seen to disintegrate, transform into inhuman, sometimes terrifying things, vanish without a trace or simply enter a vacuous fugue state, requiring someone to lead them around. In all cases, nothing seems to be capable of effecting the person of the magus - as if they were somehow separated from the rest of Creation. Magi of House Criamon have publicly stated that twilight moves a magus outside of time.

Twilight Scars

Magi returning from twilight are invariably changed in some way that reflects their experiences in the Twilight Void. Examples of twilight scars displayed in the Loch Leglean Tribunal include:

  • Annaeus Aurelian ex Verditius' hair, including his body hair, grows rapidly when he is exposed to sunlight.
  • Nearby fires go out when Corvinius ex Flambeau sneezes.
  • Orphea ex Tremere's hair glows white in the moonlight.
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