Ualraig Mac Rauf

alraig Mac Rauf is the headman of the village of Girvan, a loyal member of Clan Ferguson and a supporter of the Earl of Carrick. Not that any of this is unlikely, as he is neither imaginative enough to come up with the idea of betraying Lord and clan, or brave enough to take action if he ever did so.

Activities in Girvan

Ualraig takes his responsibility as headman seriously, and deals with both the Earl's lagmen and the magi of Alerock honestly. It is obvious to those who deal with him, though, that his real aptitude lies with the herd and the plow. Indeed, stories are still told in Girvan of how, as a younger man, Ualraig lifted a cow (great with calf) up to his shoulders to save it from a Spring flood.

Still, he is tolerated by the villagers and the clan as a whole for his comprehensive knowledge of the environs and people of Girvan. While knows almost nothing about the world further than a day's walk from his home, he can recite the genealogies of his neighbours back half a dozen generations with but a moment's thought.

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