The Turb

ven the magi of the Order of Hermes find it necessary, on occasion, to rely on mundane warriors. They act as bodyguards to magi aborad, and help secure the covenants that they call home. Alerock's grogs are a motley collection of ex-pirates, kinslayers, blasphemers and other violent misfits of the celtic world. They are headquartered in the watchtower, serving as a barrier between the covenant and its mundane neighbours. They are led by Kenneth the Captain, formerly a soldier of the Sheriff of Ayr and an effective leader and trainer, despite being a cripple.

Current Roster

Serving under Kenneth are a half-dozen warriors.


Gylmyne Mac Fearchar was, up until recently, a cold-blooded terror of the sea. Then a chance head injury during a raid left him with a constant feeling of impending epiphany and the unshakeable belief that he was living on an island near Jerusalem. His crew 'retired' him to the watchtower, accompanied by his nephew Garvey.


Garvey is the young man of Alerock's turb. He was looking forward to many successful years as a pirate and raider, but accompanied his uncle Gylmyne to the watchtower. He looks after his vaguely suicidal kinsman, but the constant effort leaves him short-tempered, and he has always had difficulty letting go of a grudge.


Originally hailing from Ulster, Padraic is something of a curiosity among the turb. How he developed, let alone kept, his suety physique while living at sea and rowing for ten hours a day is beyond anyone's ability to guess but God's. He stutters constantly, can't keep his mind on a task and consistently wins the turb's impromptu distance throwing competitions.

Mad Anniss

Anniss claims that Saint Columba came to her in a dream and taught her how to handle a spear, but never said why she was to take up arms. Finding little chance of employment elsewhere, she drifted inexorably towards the relative tolerance of the Order of Hermes. Alone among Alerock's turb, Anniss speaks not a word of any language beyond her native Gaelic.


Fergus spilled his first blood during the Galwegian revolt of 1235, at the tender age of 12, and hasn't looked back since. He boasts night and day about his amorous conquests, but when faced with any woman but Anniss he tends to dissolve into stammering incomprehensibility.

Old Sean

Sean Mac Iain is a very capable fighter, and may well have led the turb but for a mile-wide argumentative streak that makes all those around him loathe to give him any more authority. His joints are stiff and painful from many years gripping oar and axe-handle, and it is likely that he will soon either retire completely or meet his end on the field.

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