Sir Fergus Barclay

ir Fergus Barclay is the hereditary lord of Ardrossan, a barony on the coast of Kyle, and the Sheriff of Ayr. To the lords of Scotland, he is famous as the kingdom's greatest horseman. To the townsfolk of Ayr and the tenants of the surrounding manors, he is better known as the arrogant, double-dealing De'il of Ardrossan.

Early Life

Sir Fergus was christened in anno domini 1217, the second son of Henry Barclay. He would have led the unremarkable life of a minor member of the nobility had it not been for the death of his elder brother from a severe case of the bloody flux in 1226. Young Fergus spent the next dozen years in and around his father's court, learning the twin arts of war and rulerhship, before being knighted in 1238.

Title and Office

Henry Barclay died of a protracted illness in anno domini 1243, leaving both the lordship of Ardrossan and the Sheriffdom of Ayr to his son. Since that time, Sir Fergus has divided his time between rulership of his own demense and management of royal lands in Kyle. His grasp of both stewardship and local laws are acceptable, though hardly remarkable, and he does not appear to embezzle more than can be expected of a man in his position.

Rumours of Diabolism

Sir Fergus' dire local reputation stems from a rumour that he summoned the Devil to his castle some years ago and struck a bargain: his soul for a magic bridle that would make him an unmatchable horseman. Certainly, his prowess in the saddle has made him famous among his peers, and he has approached the construction of a chapel at Ardrossan castle with indifference at best. For obvious reasons, Sir Fergus himself denies the rumour, and his power base has made the local bishop reluctant to move against him.

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