Sheriff Of Ayr

he Sheriff of Ayr is a royal officer, with significant delegated powers from the King of Scots. The seat of the office's authority is Ayr castle.

Royal Authority

Within Ayr, and in Kyle more generally, the Sheriff has the power to:

  • sit in judgement of cases brought before the Sheriff's Court;
  • receive fines, taxes and other payments due to the King of Scots; and
  • settle disputes between the local nobility as if by royal decree.

In the event of war, the Sheriff is also expected to command the local forces in the absence of the King or the Constable of Scotland.

Office Holders

  • Sir Michel de Mons (1174-1180)
  • Sir Peter de Marsh (1180-1198)
  • Sir Richard Barclay (1198-1226)
  • Sir Henry Barclay (1226-1243)
  • Sir Fergus Barclay (1243-)
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