he quaesitores are the judges of the Order of Hermes. They are responsible for investigating breaches of the Code of Hermes, bringing violations to tribunal and ensuring that tribunal meetings are conducted fairly and in accordance with the Code.

House Guernicus

Guernicus the Founder was adamant in the need for a strong set of laws to keep the Order from fracturing under the wieght of feuds between magi, covenants and Tribunals. The first magi to adopt the title of quaesitores were Guernicus' filii, and the overwhelming majority of quaesitores are of this House.

By tradition, however, the quaesitores count at least one member of each House among their number. This is supposed to prevent House Guernicus from becoming an oligarchy with unwarranted power over the rest of the Order. By the same token, not all members of the House become quaesitores. Non-quaesitor Guernicus magi tend to follow their founder's interest in terram magic and the rituals of the ancient Cult of Mercury.

Quaesitores in Loch Leglean

For some time, the only quaesitor in the Loch Leglean Tribunal was Whitburh Firthowebba, maga ex Guernicus. Whitburh was one of the senior magi of Horsingas, and an inveterate raider. She interpreted the Code in whichever way suited her purposes best at any particular time, and relied on blackmail and threats of wizard war to maintain her position. She also turned a blind eye to Horsingas' constant raids south into the Stonehenge Tribunal.

When magi of Loch Leglean and Stonehenge met at the Grand Tribunal of 1228 to discuss their disputed border, the English magi agreed to set the border at the Vallum Hadriani, allowing Horsingas to escape prosecution for their raids, on the condition that the Scottish magi accepted at least one other quaesitor into their midst. The first magus to volunteer for this dubious honour was Remus ex Guernicus, a prominent proponent of measured mundane interaction from the Provencal Tribunal. Remus set up his first laboratory not far from Horsingas, and it came as no surprise to anyone that it was a frequent target of raids, many of which tested the limits of the Pact of Crun Clach. The raids ultimately ceased after Whitburh became the target of four simultaneous wizard wars, dying in a sorcerous conflagration in 1231.

There are currently two quaesitores in the Loch Leglean Tribunal, and their bailiwicks have become part of the Tribunal's Peripheral Code. Remus continues to serve as the Intramural Quaesitor, taking the area between the Vallum Hadriani and the Vallum Antonini as his jurisdiction. North of the Vallum Antonini, the mundane office of Justiciar is mirrored by the Transmural Quaesitor. This position is currently filled by Brude the Gaunt, of Rupes Vitri - the first damhadh-duidsan to receive quaesitorial training.

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