hilippa is the current autocrat of Alerock and effectively heads the covenant's covenfolk.

Early Life

Philippa was born in 1212, the eldest daughter of the Dean of the Roxburgh tanner's guild. Stunted and somewhat sickly from birth, she was doted on by her mother, her father despaired of ever finding a husband willing to overlook her low stature.

Although showing no aptitude for her father's craft, Philippa did acquire a head for figures and an ability to recall the minutiae of business arrangements. Indeed, her father may have kept her in his household had rivals within the guild not conspired to strip him of his position. Suddenly unable to support a grown daughter, and persistently unable to find her a husband, he gave his blessing to her proposal to join Galo ex Tytalus at the founding of his new covenant.

Activities at Alerock

Since Alerock's foundation, Philippa has kept herself perpetually busy, only excusing herself from her duties for a few hours every Sunday for private prayer. She has taken it upon herself to keep the neighbouring clans on side and the local churchmen ignorant of Alerock's nature.

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