adget is the long-suffering apprentice of Galo ex Tytalus. Apprenticed to the magus of Alerock in anno domini 1240, he is approximately two thirds of the way through his apprenticeship.

Early Life

Padget was born in 1228, the third son of villeins who escaped from serfdom in Lanarkshire to live in Glasgow under the protection of its bishop. Like many in their position, the family soon had to resort to crime to make ends meet. Padget, his brothers and their father became adept swindlers, selling false cures to townsfolk and fake relics to pilgrims.

Padget soon took up petty larceny to supplement his own income, developing some skill as a pickpocket. By the time Galo first encountered him, he had graduated to stealing larger, more valuable items. While unable to read, he recognised the value that priests and other educated men placed on books. It was his first book theft that brought him to the attention of his parens.


Padget's Gift is in stark contrast to Galo's. Where Galo's magic is pleasurable to the point of being addictive, Padget experiences physical pain whenever he casts a spell. This seems to fuel both a facility for causing and removing pain and a remarkable ability to make spells last longer than they ought to - often many times the expected duration.


Padget is possessed of the remarkable ability to transform himself into another person thorugh a non-Hermetic effect. The transformation is effectively permanent until Padget chooses to resume his initial appearance, and includes not only physical appearance but changes in mannerisms. It grants him, in effect, a plethora of complete identities to choose from.

Padget has not had the time to develop new personae following the commencement of his apprenticeship, but Galo makes him take the time to practice the ability when it does not conflict with his other duties. Prior to his apprenticeship, Padget developed three personae:

  • Nicholas, a travelling fortune-teller
  • Ailena, a washerwoman and strumpet-in-training;
  • Brother Walter, a pious young monk.
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