Niall Ferguson

iall Ferguson is a nobleman of Carrick and the grandson of Donnchadh, Earl of Carrick. His father and various uncles having failed to outlive their father, Niall has been proclaimed his grandfather's tanist, and takes an active hand in the running of the estate, particularly around the borders with Galloway and Kyle.

Early Life

Niall was christened in anno domini 1223, the son of the previous tanist, Cailean Ferguson and a princess of the O'Neill rulers of Tir Eoghain. Like his grandfather, he spent much of his minority outside of Carrick, residing at various times with his mother's Irish kin.

In order to cement ties to the royal court, Niall's father and grandfather arranged his marriage to Margaret Stewart, his cousin and daughter of the then-High Steward of Scotland, Walter fitz Alan.

Perhaps due to this emphasis on his gaelic heritage, Niall never served a knight as a squire, and has never been knighted. While accounted a dependable, if not particularly ferocious, warrior by his clan, he is looked down upon by the neighbouring scoto-norman nobility due to this lack of prestige.

Current activities


After reaching his majority, Niall resided for some years in Loch Doon Castle, holding the nearby lands for his grandfather. Shortly after receiving his position from the Earl, his marriage to Margaret Stewart was formalised. Niall therefore counts Lord Alexander Stewart, High Steward of Scotland, as his brother-in-law.

With the death of his father in 1244 (of apoplexy) and the increasing frailty of the Earl, Niall is spending more and more time in the vicinity of Turnberry Castle. He also accompanies his grandfather to many assemblies on the Olladh Stiom Paidh hill at Girvan to bear witness to important legal judgements.

Niall is well-aware that he stands to inherit significant wealth and several important titles upon the death of his grandfather. He is doubtlessly also aware of the role the magi of Alerock have played in the preservation of the old Earl's life. Whether or not this translates into any antipathy towards Alerock remains to be seen.

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