he nemthengacha are a sect of Ex Miscellanea magi who have the ability to create animosity and dissent in their listeners. Their origins are clouded. Some claim the Irish poet/demigod Bricriu mac Carbada is the primogeniture of the line, while others say that the Welsh hero Efnisien is the first of the breed. Asserting an even more grandiose foundation, some nemthengacha say that their tradition descends from Loki, the multifaceted and often malevolent Norse god. It is true that this tradition is only found in Celtic and Scandinavian sorcerers.

Nemthengacha, also known as 'poison-tongues,' 'bitter-tongues' or simply 'deceivers,' were more prevalent before the advent of Christianity. In pre-Christian society, nemthengacha held a devastating reputation. In a society where loyalty and family bonds were everything, a nemthenga’s ability to turn one man against his ally was devastating. People avoided nemthengacha, but since many of them lived among the clan, they could not be entirely ignored and were placated as best as the clan could manage. While no more anti-clerical than any other Ex Miscellanea tradition, they suffered severely from interactions with Christian missionaries, perhaps due to their overt presence. The unGifted nemthengacha did not need to hide from their tribesmen, and several held prominent social positions as shamans, wise men, and king’s champions. Their tradition ebbed, and practitioners retreated to remote parts of their lands.

In the present day, Gifted nemthengacha have been systematically accepted into the Order of Hermes, although some unGifted nemthengacha still remain, living in the far hinterlands of Scotland and Ireland. These nemthengacha never severed their connections to their clans, and many are still related to members of a local tribe or kin group. Nor have they abandoned their connection to royal society, with many still serving their local king.

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