Mhor Rath

hor Rath is a hermetic covnenant in the Loch Leglean Tribunal. An autumn covenant of long pedigree, Mhor Rath occupies a magical regio inside a broch on the shores of the Moray Firth. Its magi ex Miscellanea (traditionally three, though there have been both more and fewer) share a mysterious ability to foretell the future. This ability appears to break the hermetic Limit of Time.

Historically, Mhor Rath has been one of the most interventionist covenants in Scotland, going so far as to directly entangle themselves with the King of Scots in the time of Mac Beth. Although they have not publicly recanted their position, they appear to be much less inclined to intervene in matters, mundane or otherwise, and mostly play no part at all in Tribunal politics.

Notable Magi:

  • Morrigan ex Miscellanea - the youngest and most outgoing maga of the covenant, who draws her prophetic abilities from cast handfuls of ogham-carved bones.
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