Summon the Rune-Lord of Yore.

ReMe 25
R: Touch D: Concentration T: Individual; Ritual
This spell is a variant of the standard Incantation of Summoning the Dead, invented by Annaeus Aurelian in 1243. It uses the quirk of Rune magic that turns active runes into an indefinite arcane connection to the caster, and an Intangible Tunnel besides, to make the summoning slightly easier.

Seed of the Great Betrayal

MuMe 30
R: Voice D: Moon T: Group
Changes the emotions of the targets towards their master(s) to contempt, such that they will readily betray them. Subtract 5 points from the targets relevant Loyal Personality Trait for the duration of the spell.

Words of Childlike Trust

PeMe 15
R: Voice D: Diameter T: Individual
As Trust of the Childlike Faith, but at Voice range.

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