he covenant of Alerock is respectably large for the Loch Leglean Tribunal. Its two founders still remain in residence, and have been joined by some more recent arrivals.

Council Members


The voting magi of Alerock are:

  • Annaeus Aurelian ex Verditius - a curmudgeonly inventor driven to perfect Verditius' runes.
  • Galo ex Tytalus - an inveterate schemer trying to build a kingdom of the giants, with himself as its eminence grise.
  • Gehygda ex Bjornaer - a scryer and seeker of lore who travels about Argyll in the form of a raven.


Besides the council members, other Gifted individuals inhabit Alerock:

  • Padget filius Galo - Galo's long-suffering, shape-shifting apprentice.
  • Osred filius Gehygda - whose calm curiosity counterbalances his mistress' gloom.
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