Machrie Moor

achrie Moor is an uninhabited wasteland on the western side of the Isle of Arran. While the land is, for Arran, relatively flat, it is also mostly covered with peat bogs, rendering it useless for agriculture. Despite this, there are no fewer than six stone circles grouped closely together at the heart of the moor, and several ancient burial cairns in the drier land at its borders.


In legendary times, a thousand years ago or more, the giant Fingal made a camp here, tethering his dog Bran to a particular stone with a hole through the middle. Today, two of Fingal's descendents, the brothers Call and Uilann, have built crude homes here. The two are tremendously quarrelsome, and neighbouring settlements have frequently been forced to take up arms in order to drive the giants away from their herds and families as one or another of the pair staggers out of the moor, bloody from brawling and eager for meat.

Possible Vis Sources

Given the magical aura that blankets the moor, particularly within the stone circles, the magi of Alerock are certain that it contains one or more vis sources. The danger posed by Call and Uilann, and the proximity to the occasionally-hostile magi of Crun Clach have so far prevented extensive exploration, and so the exact nature and location of any such sites remains unknown.

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