Loch Leglean

och Leglean is a freshwater lake in the Grampian mountains of Scotland. Since the war against Damhan-Allaidh in year 1036 of the Age of Aries (anno domini 897), it has been the main meeting-place of the Order of Hermes in Scotland, and lends its name to the Loch Leglean Tribunal.

Physical Description


Loch Leglean is approximately three miles long, lying north-east to south-west. The surrounding mountains are very heavily wooded, with only a few trails through the passes connecting Loch Leglean to the rest of the world.

The loch itself is thick with peat, and the fishing is poor. Game is also scarce in the surrounding woodland. It seems that the only reliable product of the loch is fog. Thick mist blankets the loch's basin almost year-round, varying from picturesque in summer to almost impenatrable in spring and autumn.


The magi of the Tribunal hold their meetings on a clear, gently-sloping area on the loch's south shore. While most magi are content to sleep in tents or magically-conjured shelters during tribunal meetings, a few permanent structures have been built. These include:

  • a wood and earth longhouse that houses the magi of Rupes Vitri
  • a stone storehouse used by the quaesitores to store disputed property (and, one one occasion, house mundane prisoners)
  • a lean-to of sculpted stone and shaped trees built by the magi of the Academica Septima Superior.

These structures stand empty and unused for years at a time, and usually require some maintenance before or during tribunal proceedings.

Mundane Relations

The site's bloom into sudden life has led to the spread of stories amoung the surrounding clans (notably the Chattans) of a village cursed by God, which now only appears in the world every seven years.

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