he library of Alerock is remarkable for such a young covenant located so far from the centres of learning and civilisation. It contains several of the key works of Hermetic magic, in addition to others popular among churchmen and the local nobility.

Physical Description

The library is located directly off the central well of the covenant. A pair of large, glass-paned windows provides plenty of light to those who wish to do their reading here, rather than carry books away to their sancta.

Works Contained in the Library

Note that, in the tables below, bold text denotes a work bound by the Cow and Calf Oath.

Magical Summae

Title Subject Quality Level Author Information
Arena et Mons Terram 18 8 Ruprex ex Guernicus The Root of Terram
Ars Mutandum Muto 15 7 Ajax ex Tytalus The Root of Muto
Codex Nigram Perdo 18 12 Hector ex Flambeau This two-volume set, bound in high-quality black leather, was a gift from Corvinius ex Flambeau of Fire Nest
De Marae Aquam 14 7 Persephone ex Miscellanea A well-regarded substitute text for those who cannot obtain a copy of Salo ex Bonisagus' Aquae
De Menta Exposita Mentem 11 20 'Tremere' This book, purporting to be the work of Tremere the founder, is fairly obviously not the work of that infamous magus. It is somewhat improved by a gloss by Sempere ex Verditius.
Increpeto Iupeter Auram 15 14 Unknown This book was stolen from Monteverte during the Einherjar raid-in-force. It contains a comprehensive, detailed yet succinct, description of a great many techniques to manipulate weather.
Liber Botanica Nova Herbam 14 16 Caefloron ex Criamon A recent acquisition from the covenant of Caefloron in the Hibernian Tribunal, this work contains a lengthy section on druidic tree symbolism thought lost with the fall of House Diedne.
Magica Platonica Creo 10 20 Unknown The Branch of Creo
Theoretica Magica Magic Theory 15 6 Bonisagus This summa represents the sum of hermetic theory in the time of the Founders. An anonymous gloss expands on some, though not all, later breakthroughs.

Magical Tractati

Title Subject Quality Author Information
The Boundary Between Magic and Light Vim 11 Sarna ex Miscellanea The possibility of using vim magic to affect light, and a summary of the author's research into the subject.
Magical Attacks Penetration 9 Jaquemond ex Flambeau The flyleaf contains detailed anatomical drawings of some form of demon. The book is otherwise unremarkable.
Magical Defence Parma Magica 9 Jaquemond ex Flambeau
The Nature of Vis Magic Theory 10 Scipio ex Bonisagus Discusses vis, its various forms, uses and theories of its ultimate origin.
On the Art of Vim Vim 11 Anonymous A somewhat scathing commentary on Einsteinus' The Art of Vim.
On the Creation of Composite Items Magic Theory 11 Annaeus Aurelian ex Verditius Discusses the benefits and pitfalls of creating magical items comprised of more than one substance. The text is unavoidably dry, but informative.
On Men and Giants Corpus 11 Annaeus Aurelian ex Verditius Details differences in the effects of magic on various giants and ogres of Britain.
Projection of the Senses Intellego 8 Barran ex Merinita A commentary on Caecus ex Tytalus' lost work Solo Sentientae.
To See the Magic Intellego 10 Trajan Dominicus ex Flambeau Discusses the uses of intellego vim magic, specifically with regard to regio boundaries.
Wind and Rain Auram 10 Supinus ex Jerbiton Discusses the shaping of weather patterns to create pleasing weather. A short commentary by a different, unknown author bound at the end of the volume discusses using weather magic to spite rivals.
The Wizard's Perfumerie Imaginem 10 Julius Alexandrius ex Jerbiton This book was stolen from Monteverte during the Einherjar raid-in-force. It has been glossed multiple times by generations of magi interested in the creation of scents.

Mundane Summae

Title Subject Quality Level Author Information
Bible Theology 3 10 Various A plain, but serviceable, copy.
Chronicon Insulae Manniae Area Lore (Mann and the Hebrides) 9 5 The monks of Rushen Abbey A handsomely-bound folio, setting down the history of the Isle of Man and the Hebrides, from mythic times to the conquests of Godred Cowan in anno domini 1079.

Mundane Tractati

Title Subject Quality Author Information
Categories Artes Liberales 10 Aristotle A sloppily-bound volume, stolen by Annaeus prior to his departure from the Academica Septima Superior.
History of the Kings of Britain Area Lore (Britain) 9 Geoffrey of Monmouth Currently a very popular book among Norman nobility.
Light Philosophiae 10 Robert Grosseteste A recently acquired text from Oxford.
Magic of the Forge Finesse 10 Brutus Severus ex Verditius Discusses the use of magic to mimic mundane crafts, especially blacksmithing.
The Magical Realm Magic Lore 10 Caractacus ex Bonisagus The book is dedicated "to Victor, for whom anything will be possible".
Natural History I-VI Philosophiae 6 Pliny the Elder Gives a mathematical and physical description of the world.
Natural History VII Philosophiae 6 Pliny the Elder Discusses anthropology and human physiology.
Natural History VIII-XI Philosophiae 6 Pliny the Elder Discusses zoology, including descriptions of many magical beasts.
Natural History XII-XXVII Philosophiae 6 Pliny the Elder Discusses botany, including agriculture, horticulture and pharmacology.
Natural History XXVIII-XXXII Philosophiae 6 Pliny the Elder Discusses pharmacology.
Natural History XXXIII-XXXVII Philosophiae 6 Pliny the Elder Discusses mining and mineralogy, especially as it applies to art.
Natural History XXXVIII Magic Lore 6 Pliny the Elder Discusses ghosts, revenants and necromancy. Possibly the only copy of this work currently in existence.
The Norse Wars Order of Odin Lore 5 Unknown Provides a bare-bones chronicle of battles between Hermetic magi and Norse rune-wizards.
On Discipline Concentration 10 Anonymous This is either a copy of a pre-christian stoic's admonition of his peers for their laxity in pursuit of virtue, or a very elaborate forgery.
On Negotiation Intrigue 8 Galo ex Tytalus The art of negotiation, and the various subtle and underhanded means that might be used to make a negotiatior's position stronger.
On Paganism Faerie Lore 10 'Peter ex Merinita' Discusses the pagan gods known to still be occasionally active. The author may himself be a faerie of some sort.
Saturnus Magic Lore 11 Verrius Flaccus Discusses Roman rituals, including some used by the Cult of Mercury.

Laboratory Texts

In its fifteen years of existence, Alerock has accumulated quite a collection of laboratory notes, many of which are suitable guides for members' own subsequent work. Some of these have been bound, but the lack of a resident bookbinder means that most simply lie in locked boxes, or even loose about the library. Subsequently, searching for a particular lab text can be extremely time-consuming.

Title Arts Level Information
Aegis of the Hearth Rego Vim 20 Provided by Galo
Agony of the Impertinent Giant Perdo Corpus 20 Provided by Galo
Agony of the Impudent Goblin Perdo Corpus 15 Provided by Galo
Aura of Ennobled Presence Muto Imaginem 10
Bind the Gift Rego Vim 30
Bind Wounds Creo Corpus 10
Bitter Taste of Betrayal Intellego Vim 15
Bridge of Frost Rego Aquam 30
Cloak of Black Feathers Muto Corpus (Animal) 30 Provided by Galo
Curse of Circe Muto Corpus (Animal) 30
The Crystal Dart Muto Terram (Rego) 10
Despair of the Quivering Manacles Rego Corpus 15 Provided by Gehygda Areleins
Discern the Images of Truth and Falsehood Intellego Imaginem 20 Provided by Gehygda
Disguise of the Transformed Image Muto Imaginem 15 Provided by Galo
Enchantment of the Scrying Pool Intellego Aquam 30 Provided by Gehygda
Endurance of the Berserkers Rego Corpus 15
False Prophecy Muto Mentem 30
Freeing the Striding Tree Rego Herbam 30 Taken for study by Annaeus Aurelian in 1245, it is no doubt still isomewhere in his laboratory .
Frosty Breath of the Spoken Lie Intellego Mentem 20
Gather the Essence of the Beast Rego Vim 15
The Leap of Homecoming Rego Corpus 35
Panic of the Trembling Heart Creo Mentem 15 Provided by Gehygda
Piercing the Faerie Veil Intellego Vim 20
Posing the Silent Question Intellego Mentem 20
Sailor's Foretaste of the Morrow Intellego Auram 20 Provided by Gehygda
Scales of the Magical Weight Intellego Vim 5
Seed of the Great Betrayal Muto Mentem 30
Shiver of the Shapechanger Intellego Animal 10 Provided by Gehygda
Shriek of the Impending Shafts Intellego Herbam 15
Sight of the Active Magic Intellego Vim 40
Summoning the Distant Image Intellego Imaginem 25
Supple Iron and Rigid Rope Muto Terram 10
Suppressing the Wizard's Handiwork Rego Vim 50
Thoughts Within Babble Intellego Mentem 25 Provided by Gehygda
The Tireless Servant Rego Corpus 40 Describes the enchantment of a human skeleton as a mobile construct capable of assisting in a hermetic laboratory.
Veil of Invisibility Perdo Imaginem 20
Ward Against Mundane Intrusions Rego Corpus (Animal Aquam, Ignem, Herbam) 50
Ward Against Rain Rego Auram 10 Provided by Gehygda
Whispering Winds Intellego Auram 15 Provided by Gehygda
Whispers Through the Black Gate Intellego Corpus 15 Provided by Gehygda
Wizard's Sidestep Rego Imaginem 10
Words of Childlike Trust Perdo Mentem 15 Provided by Galo
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