Hibernian Tribunal

he Hibernian Tribunal is an administrative division of the Order of Hermes. It covers Ireland in its entirety.



Following the defeat of Damhan-Allaidh by Pralix in the 986th year of the Age of Aries (anno domini 847), the Brittanic Tribunal was split into three portions. The Loch Leglean and Stonehenge Tribunals divided mainland Britain, while The Hibernian Tribunal was entrusted with Ireland and all islands in sight of its shore.

Growth and Adaptation

Ireland proved to be a highly magical place, with significant amounts of untamed wilderness and faerie activity. This drew magi in significant numbers, seeking access to vis and covenant sites far from the Dominion.

These magi were often disappointed to find themselves contending with the monestaries of Ireland, which were growing at a similar rate. Hibernian covnenats dealt with this problem in different ways. Some relocated further from civilisation. Others encouraged vikings or other raiders to sack monestaries and drive their inhabitants away. Still others attempted to coexist with their monastic neighbours, attempting to find common ground between the magic of the world and the transcendence of the Divine.

Norman Invasion

The invasion of the Anglo-Normans from anno domini 1169 onwards has disrupted the stability of the Tribunal. Covenants used to dealing with clan heads and abbats (secular leaders of monastic communities) are finding themselves having to deal with the full force of the feudal system. Covenants who had reached an understanding with local monestaries are now under the scrutiny of English bishops. While even magi at the far ends of Christendom tend to be more cosmopolitain than their mundane neighbours, the resulting culture shock has been considerable.



The covenants of the Hibernian Tribunal tend to be more hospitable than their counterparts in Scotland and better organised than the covenants of England. This is changing, though, as they suffer through the disruption currently engulfing the land. The covenants of Elk's Run and Mensa Silicis recently dissolved. The remaining covenants of the Tribunal are:-


In neighbouring Tribunals, it is rumoured that Hibernian magi, in collaboration with Irish monks, have developed a theory of magic that is less vulnerable to interference by the Divine. These magi are alleged to have organised themselves into a mystery cult named the Priory of St Nerius, after a French magus who some venerate as the patron saint of all magi.

Why the Priory has not made its existence, and discovery, public is typically left to conjecture.

The Draca family has also resided in the Tribunal since its migration from Wales.

Tribunal Meetings

Ireland is a small land, and relatively easily traversed. This, coupled with the recent shift of the Tribunal meeting place to Silva Media Nocte, near the centre of the island, makes it very easy for Hibernian magi to reach the Tribunal meetings. Accordingly, most of the Tribunal's 48 magi attend every meeting.

Tribunal Politics

Nearly sixty years on, the Anglo-Norman invasion remains the dominant issue in Hibernian politics. The invasion has split the Tribunal's magi into three loose factions. The first sees the English as more civilised than the native gaels, while the second sees the Irish clans (and the Irish church) as more accepting of magi and less likely to destroy valuable vis sources. Both factions try to subtly throw their magical efforts behind their mundane allies, while remaining unnoticed by the quaesitores. The third faction believes that magi should stay out of the wars and feuds entirely, and tries to counter the schemes of the other two factions whenever they are uncovered.

No agreement is in sight in the Tribunal, and as the invasion progresses, the division in the Tribunal is likely to worsen.

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