Galloway Hills

he Galloway Hills are part of the Southern Uplands of Scotland, comprise an area of several hundred square miles of largely uninhabited wild land and form the northern boundary of Galloway. The Merrick, upon which the Academica Septima Superior once rested, is the highest point in the Southern Uplands.

One of the fascinating features of these hills are the unusual placenames, often a mixture of Old Norse, Gaelic and Brythonic languages. A few examples include the Rig of the Jarkness, the Rig of the Gloon and the Dungeon of Buchan.

Notable Hills

The greatest of the Galloway Hills (in order from highest to lowest) are:

  • Merrick
  • Corserine
  • Cairnsmore of Carsphairn
  • Kirriereoch Hill
  • Shalloch on Minnoch
  • Lamachan Hill
  • Cairnsmore of Fleet
  • Craignaw


The hills are among the most sparsely-inhabited areas of all Christendom, due in no small part to the malign actions of Clan MacArawn. However, from time to time mortal humans will be found living in amongst the dense woods of the valleys and hillsides. These people are, without exception, of a solitary disposition, but the hunters, charcoal-burners, hermits and occasional folk witch are often of use to lost travellers and those seeking hidden things in the wilderness.

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