our-Fold is a magical spider from the boughs of Yggdrasil and the familiar of Annaeus Aurelian.

Annaeus originally encountered the strange creature while searching the Clontarf Regio for Trokki the Dverge. Fascinated by Four-Fold's blending of plant and animal - the spider grows moss instead of hair - and endless babbling in a variety of Norse dialects, the giant magus spent some time studying him and his kin before leaving the regio. Returning several years later, Annaeus found Four-Fold waiting for him at the entrance to the regio, apparently already prepared to give up his old life on the World-Tree and make a new one at Alerock.

Left to his own devices, Four-Fold spends most of his time building and rebuilding his intricate web. Occasionally, runic patterns appear in the web, only to be swiftly destroyed and re-woven by Four-Fold.

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