Fontana Magica

he fontana magica is the most fruitful vis source of the covenant of Alerock. It manifests at the mouth of the river Clyde, but the ultimate source lies much further upstream.

Origin of the Fontana

Every year at Beltane, the people of Clydesdale hold a great celebration to mark the beginning of Spring. Amidst the universal drunken revelry, a wide variety of folk ceremonies take place to rid families, villages and their herds and fields of bad luck and ghostly hauntings. While these have little power individually, their combined force is sufficient to drive a significant amount of spiritual and magical detritus into the river, to wash out into the Irish Sea.

Collection of Vis

At a particular spot (determined by analysing the positions of the stars), the cast-off remnants of the magical winter boil up from the water and vanish heavenward. To those with the Gift, it appears as if an auroral column is streaking up from the depths towards the sky. In this column can occasionally be found spiritual relics of the recently dead - many broken farming tools and weapons, as well as shreds of clothing and shards of immaterial jewellery.

Every year, shortly after midnight, the magi of Alerock position themselves to catch as much vis as possible before it disappears. Currently the fontana yields a very respectable 10 pawns of Vim and 5 of Mentem.

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