Fire Nest

ire Nest is a hermetic covenant in the Loch Leglean Tribunal. It was founded in anno domini 1121 after the defeat of a dragon named Alberechna that had been terrifying Lanarkshire. Following their victory over the beast, the Flambeau magi erected a sizable castle over the dragon's lair.

Hermetic Politics

Fire Nest's overwhelmingly Flambeau magi tend to be passionate and forceful, and can usually be counted on to stir up debate on issues that the rest of the Tribunal considers settled. They are staunch allies of the Tremere of Vidua Vasta, and contest several vis sources with Eilean Beg.

Strife with the Mundanes

The size of their castle (boasting ten towers and a powerful keep) was a continual irritant to the Lanarkshire barons, who interpreted it as a challenge to their collective right to rule. While no major conflict eventuated over the issue for a century, both sides engaged in an ongoing series of tit-for-tat raids on supply shipments and attacks on small groups of travellers.

The issue ultimately came to a head following a confrontation between a party of travelling magi and a group of Knights Hospitaller from Torphichen preceptory, the details of which remain murky. The magi of Fire Nest had the Hospitallers declared enemies of the Order at the Tribunal meeting of 1193, but this was overturned at the Grand Tribunal of 1195. Ultimately, the enmity between magi and mundanes was sufficient to cause a Hospitaller-led coalition of lowland nobles to attack Fire Nest in anno domini 1221.

Dragon Attacks

Throughout its history, Fire Nest was subject to revenge attacks from dragons who felt wronged by the slaying of Alberechna. These were, with few exceptions, beaten off with little damage to the covenant. During the winter of 1220-21, however, a new threat appeared. A dragon attacked the covenant on several occasions, appearing out of nowhere to slay covenfolk and inflict significant damage to the covenant's fortifications. Without exception, the dragon vanished as quickly and mysteriously as it had arrived. It appeared impervious to any attempt to harm it, whether with mortal weapons or magic.


In the autumn of 1221, after a period of silence from the covenant, a party from the Academica Septima Superior travelled to Fire Nest. They arrived to find the castle extensively damaged, with its walls breached in several places and the top of its keep lying in rubble. The party survived another attack by the mysterious dragon, during which the beast gave its name as Alberechnan, and inquired whether one of the Academica's magi was its mother. The party theorised that the dragon may be a ghost, but further investigations were cut short by Prometheus de Flambeau, then-Consul of Fire Nest, who forced their leader into a grossly unfair certamen contest and won a promise from her that she would leave.

This turned out to be ill-timed, as the Lanarkshire nobles' army chose that day to attack the damaged castle. The Academica's magi and a significant number of Fire Nest covenfolk slipped away from the battle, leaving the magi of Fire Nest to their fate.

Current State

Fire Nest suffered losses of both magi, mundane staff and resources during the battle, and for a time the covenant appeared to have been destroyed. Ultimately, however, the fractious Scottish noblemen proved incapable of working well together in the absence of a mutual enemy, and fell to arguing over the disposition of the ruined castle. With none of the barons proving willing to allow another to take possession of it, let alone allow it to fall to the Hospitallers, it ultimately proved easier to allow the magi to retain the site. They were, however, made to vow never to re-fortify, never to permit more than four magi to reside there at once, and never again to claim the fealty of neighbouring settlements.

Notable Magi

The magi of Fire Nest are:

  • Hector ex Flambeau, filius of Prometheus and Consul from 1221;
  • Marius ex Flambeau, who mounts constant raids that he believes keep the Order of Odin from invading the south lands once more;
  • Corvinius de Flambeau, filius of Hector, master of ignem magic and sometime ally of Alerock;
  • Remus ex Guernicus, the Intramural Quaesitor.
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