Famhair Stane

he Famhair Stane stands on the west coast of Galloway, near the nebulous border with Carrick. When Annaeus left the Academica Septima Superior at the Tribunal meeting of 1235, he swiftly lodged a claim to the site for the new covenant of Alerock.

Legendary Site

The magi of the Academica were originally told how to find the stane by the head of the faerie Clan MacArawn, as payment for delivering its wedding gift to Devorguilla of Galloway and Baron de Balliol. The Mac Arawn related to them the legend surrounding the peculiar stone.

Long, long ago, before the great flood, this island was ruled by giants called the famhair. They lived, warred and loved as men do now. They studied great magics, and their monuments may still be found if one has the eye to look for them. When the cruel flood came, their kingdoms were broken, for the famhair that remained were mighty, but few.

Before long, men came to Britain. The magicians who were the wisest of the famhair knew that they could not stand before the tide of tiny, but oh so numerous, foes. One of them took himself far away to gaze in the waters and see the future of the kings of men. Such a great spell could not be cast elsewhere but in the great western ocean, wherein lost Atlantis lies.

What he saw we may not know, for he stands there still, turned to stone by his long, lonely scrying. Even so, he watches the waters, and sees in them the future of the kingdoms of short-lived men.

Vis Harvest

The Famhair Stane is a potent vis source, producing two pawns of intellego vis every summer and winter solstice and two pawns of muto vis every spring and autumn equinox. In addition, the salt that encrusts the base of the stone over the course of the winter contains a pawn of aquam vis if it can be scraped off before the spring storms strip it away.

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