ld tales tell of the Einherjar - warriors slain in glorious battle and brought by the valkyires to Valhalla, where they feast and fight eternally, returning to life at the end of each day if they should be slain. These dead heroes, so the tales rehearse, shall not leave Valhalla until the last battle.

In the last few years, however, the Order of Hermes has been troubled by raiders from the sea, bringing violence not seen since the days of the Order of Odin. These raiders are no living men. They bear great and terrible wounds and fight without fear or any regard for pain. Their bear weapons fashioned from frozen blood or sea-ice and wear armour and furs thick with rime. They emerge from the sea-fog to ravage coastal communities, though they take no goods, livestock or even women with them when they leave. It appears as if they fight simply to kill and destroy.

Known Attacks

Since anno domini 1245, the Einherjar have made several attacks on Hermetic covenants, or their allies and associates. No attacks have been reported on on purely mundane locations, or upon Church holdings that were not in some way associated with a covenant. Clearly, the dead Norsemen hold a grudge of some sort against the Order.

To date, the Einherjar have attacked:

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