Damhadh Duidsan

he Damhadh-Duidsan ('malice writers') are a magical tradition within House Ex Miscellanea, most prominent in the Loch Leglean Tribunal.


When Pralix led the Order of Hermes into the British Isles to crush Damhan-Allaidh, she was joined by a Gaelic hedge wizard named Damhadh-Duidas. Damhadh-Duidas hailed from the highlands, in what is now Ross, and descended from the same magical tradition as Damhan-Allaidh. By carving strange runes into trees and stones, or writing symbols on his face and arms with chalk or ashes, he could curse and steal the life from his enemies, healing himself and inflicting terrible wounds upon them in return.

It is commonly believed that Damhadh-Duidas joined what was then the Ordo Miscellany intending to betray them as an agent of Damhan-Allaidh. If so, he never found an opportunity - perhaps because Pralix mistrusted him and watched him carefully, forcing him to prove his loyalty when it counted. The pair won two decisive battles because of his efforts, but he did not participate in the final offensive at Cad Gadu.

Despite his questionable allegiance, Damhadh-Duidas' actions gained him the respect of his allies, and he joined the Order of Hermes as part of the new House Ex Miscellanea. He swore the Oath of Hermes with the others and returned to Scotland. There, he taught two apprentices and, with their help, founded Glen Geasadair. He continued to harbour a deep grudge against Pralix, however, and many Scottish magi believe that he was ultimately responsible for her death.

The Tradition Today

There are currently about a score of Damhadh-Duidsan in the Loch Leglean Tribunal. They continue to hold Glen Geasadair as their spiritual home, though there is also a smaller concentration of them in and around Rupes Vitri. Their most prominent member is undoubtedly Brude the Gaunt, who serves as the spiritual leader of the tradition, Ard Ri of Glen Geasadair and praeco of the Tribunal.


The Damhadh-Duidsan retain their founder's proficiency with corpus magic, especially when used to heal or harm. They also practice a non-hermetic form of shapeshifting, though not all of them display proficiency in the art. Interestingly, the giant blood that Damhadh-Duidas and Damhan-Allaidh shared has persisted in the tradition. Many of the magi and covenfolk of Glen Geasadair share the size and prowess of their forefathers.

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