Crun Clach

run Clach is a covenant in the Loch Leglean Tribunal. Founded in anno domini 954, it is one of the oldest covenants still active in the Tribunal, and lends its name to the Pact of Crun Clach, which forms the basis of the Tribunal's peripheral code. Its magi are overwhelmingly drawn from House Merinita, and it has, over the years, had a very high level of involvement with the faeries of Scotland, both for weal and woe.

Crun Clach was founded by a half-faerie maga named Caitlin ex Merinita (much later, as Caitlin Suil-Aine), who is still the titular leader of the covenant. Under her direction, Crun Clach was one of the most powerful and politically active covenants in Britain through the eleventh and twelfth centuries, dispensing largesse in the form of its surplus vis and influence at Tribunal meetings. Since the 1230s, however, an increasing number of its senior magi, including Caitlin have disappeared, either into Twilight or Arcadia, and the covenant has fallen from its mighty autumn into a sudden winter.

Physical Description


Crun Clach sits inside a faerie hill on the Kintyre peninsula. The hill is gently rounded, with a 'crown' of stones jutting out of the ground about ten feet below its crest. A large stone door, covered with carvings in the ancient Pictish style, can be seen by those with the Second Sight, or on nights of the full moon. The entire hill is covered by a faint faerie aura.


Beyond the door, Crun Clach exists in a multi-layered regio in which the site's faerie aura becomes increasingly strong.

First Layer

The first layer of the regio is hewn from the natural granite of the hill, with candles set periodically in sconces to provide light for visitors. It contains the covenant's kitchens, stables, quarters for mortal servants and all the other mundane facilities required.

Second Layer

Entering the second part of the regio requires assistance from one of the faeries that inhabit the regio and serve (at least some of the time) as the personal servants of the magi. The walls here are pure quartz, fine-veined with traces of gold. The faerie court of the Grey-Cloaked Prince holds its intrigues and revels here, exactly as it did for the millenia before Caitlin and her sodales ousted the Prince and took up residence.

Third Layer

The third layer is known only by rumor, though it is understood to contain the sancta of the covenant's magi. No two maps that have been drawn by spies have ever depicted the same arrangement of rooms and corridors, implying that they either shift contstantly or simply have no fixed location.

The Covenant


Crun Clach's charter established it as a simple gerontocracy, with the eldest magus present having control over the covenant's affairs. Since the disappearance of Caitlin and a handful of senior magi, this arrangement has been thrown into turmoil, as nobody has been able to establish whether their return can be expected, and thus whether a successor should be appointed.

In practice, the covenant is now under the de facto rule of Aine ex Merinita, Caitlin's daughter and most recent apprentice. Though the other magi may not appreciate it, the faerie inhabitants of the covenant appear to have looked automatically to her as Caitlin's successor. Despite this, her inexperience in Hermetic politics is showing, and Crun Clach has lost vis sites to both Alerock and Eilean Beg in recent years.

Notable Magi

  • Aine ex Merinita
  • Seamus ex Miscellanea - an Irish magus whose magic tends towards the command of animals.
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