Agony of the Impertinent Giant

PeCo 20
R: Voice D: Concentration T Individual
Wracks a target of size +3 or less with horrific, stabbing pains. Galo ex Tytalus uses this spell to intimidate lesser giants and ogres.

Agony of the Impudent Goblin

PeCo 15
R: Voice D: Diameter T Individual
Wracks a human-sized target with horrific, stabbing pains.

Shiver of the Shapechanger

InAn 10
R: Personal D: Concentration T Touch
The caster feels a sudden shiver when touching a person or animal who is a shapechanger (i.e. who possesses the Shapechanger virtue).

The Tenacious Turb

ReCo 30
R: Touch D: Concentration T Group
Up to ten targets can function as if unwounded and unfatigued for as long as the caster concentrates. The effect is otherwise exactly as per Endurance of the Berserkers.

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