Cliffheart is a hermetic covenant in the Hibernian Tribunal.


The covenant is situated on an island off the south-east coast of Ireland, within sight of Wexford on a clear day. The covenant is housed in a small castle built above the cliffs that completely encircle the island. The only direct access to the castle is via a path that rises up directly from the Irish Sea and clings to the side of the island until it reaches the windswept gate above.


The magi of Cliffheart value their isolation, leaving their island mainly to attend Tribunal meetings. It is rumoured that they spend much of their time attempting to find the sunken lands of Atlantis and Lyonesse, and that they possess relics heavy with those lands' forgotten magic.

Notable magi of Cliffheart include:-

  • Kerlix ex Bjornaer, interpres domina (lady speaker), the covenant's typical representative to the outside world.
  • Cicero ex Jerbiton, a prominent neoplatonist and student of Atlantean legend.
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