Circulus Ruber

irculus Ruber ('red circle') is a hermetic covenant in the Hibernian Tribunal. The oldest covenant in the tribunal, it was founded soon after the war against Damhan-Allaidh, when the predecessors of the covenant's current magi had been taught the parma magica.


The covenant has undergone many changes in the intervening centuries, and has even changed location on a handful of occasions. Currently, Circulus Ruber is located in the woods that blanket the Galty Mountains in southern Ireland, housed in a solidly-built keep on a rocky promontory.

Guardian Spirit

On the outskirts of the territory claimed by the covenant, each tree is marked with a red circle. A living shadow stalks the area inside this boundary, and it is unwise to travel further without a guide from the covenant. Most guests wait at the guesthouse at the north-eastern boundary until such a guide comes for them. Those few who do venture further on their own often vanish, though clothes and other remains are occasionally found by Circulus Ruber's covenfolk.


The magi of the covenant are split along generational lines. The covenant's ruling senate is comprised of powerful magi, all of whom are nearing Final Twilight. The remainder of the magi are the senators apprentices (or their apprentices' apprentices), and find themselves in a constant ideological battle with their elders. This division occasionally spills out of the covenant and affects other goings-on in the Tribunal.

Notable magi of Circulus Ruber include:-

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