Brodick Castle

rodick castle is a small castle on the coast of the Isle of Arran. It is the seat of Alasdair Mor Mac Domhnall and his branch of Clan Mac Domhnall.


The castle sits on a small rise overlooking the Breidvik ('broad bay') on the Isle of Arran. It lies about five miles from Machrie Moor and only slightly further from Lochranza Castle and the Mac Suibhnes, not to mention being almost directly across the Firth of Clyde from the royal castle at Ayr. This has made its inhabitants and defenders highly suspicious and ready to repel an attack at almost any hour.



Like most castles in the Hebrides, Brodick is smaller than the piles of the mainland. The castle consists of a single large keep, with additional wings to the north and west, with ramparts all about the roof.

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