Aonaranan (singular aonaran, 'hermit') are an interesting feature of the Loch Leglean Tribunal, at least to outsiders. For reasons of clan loyalty, magical necessity or simple pride and stubbornness, approximately a quarter of the Tribunal's magi live their lives independently of any covenant. Those who are not supported by a mundane clan tend to establish their sancta near isolated vis sources, giving them an ongoing means of maintaining their magical power. These combination of vis sources and isolation makes them frequent targets of raids by other magi, which in turn makes the typical aonaran mistrustful of any outside contact.

Despite this, aonaranan do maintain contact with the rest of the Hermetic community, attending the septennial Tribunal meetings at Loch Leglean. Much political maneuvering at the Tribunal centers around pulling as many aonaranan votes as possible behind a covenant's position, whether with bribes, flattery or threats of force.

Notable Aonaranan

  • Galo ex Tytalus, prior to the founding of Alerock in 1235.
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