Annaeus' Sanctum

he sanctum of Annaeus Aurelian contains his study, workshop and bedchamber.

Initial Sanctum

After arriving at Ailsa Craig, Annaeus took up residence in the watchtower built on the craig by Galo ex Tytalus. It was unsuitable right from the start - spartanly outfitted, without enough room to make full use of his crafting tools, it restricted his magical output significantly. He had to abandon the desk he built during his apprenticeship, and had brought with him to the Academica, for lack of room. As soon as Galo raised the possibility of using magic to excavate living quarters inside the craig itself, Annaeus jumped at the chance to move to a sanctum better suited to him.

Current Sanctum

The expansion of the covenant during the years 1235-37 provided an opportunity for Annaeus to expand both his laboratory and living quarters. In late 1235 he moved his sanctum into chambers off the central well, two levels down. His new sanctum has windows leading into his laboratory and bedchamber, providing plenty of ventilation and natural light. The sanctum's anteroom is open to the well, but the doorway has no bridge or staircase to connect it to the rest of the covenant. Instead, Annaeus casts Bridge of Wood whenever he needs to enter or leave.

The laboratory proper is dominated by a vast workbench, built to accommodate Annaeus' significant girth and his eclectic craftsmanship - it has space for him to work on leatherworking, woodcarving and jewellery projects simultaneously. A great vine grows from a series of planters along the laboratory window, trailing down into the central well of the covenant. The vine has occasionally been seen to move in strange ways, as Annaeus experiments with herbam magic.

Annaeus has also created a Bookstand of Hespera for greater convenience when working with texts.

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