Annaeus Aurelian ex Verditius

tanding well over seven feet tall and weighing more than two ordinary men, Annaeus is an imposing figure. He is also ferociously intelligent, and openly rude to those who can't keep up with him mentally. As this usually results in him being left in productive solitude, he has thus far proved impervious to attempts to change his behaviour.

Due to lingering scars of wizard's twilight, Annaeus appears to be made of stone if seen out of the corner of an observer's eye, and his hair has a tendency to grow rapidly if he spends time in the sun.

Early Life

More than averagely unforthcoming about his childhood, Annaeus has, while copiously drunk, let slip that he was born in 1194 in a hamlet on the banks of the river Ouse that was "too small and full of shite to warrant a name". He remains in intermittent contact with his hermetic parens, Brutus Severus, of a covenant named Nigrasaxa in the Stonehenge Tribunal.

Founding of Alerock

Annaeus, along with Galo, founded Alerock in anno domini 1235. Annaeus had previously been a member of a Galwegian covenant called the Academica Septima Superior, but found his magical interests increasingly diverging from the activities of his sodales. At the 1235 meeting of the Loch Leglean Tribunal, the magi of the Academica chose to venture over the western ocean rather than face wizard's march en masse for their support of the Galwegian revolt against the King of Scots. Annaeus, driven to complete his research into the rune magic of the Order of Odin, made an abrupt break with his former covenant and joined with Galo on the tenuous basis of shared experiences in the Hebrides. Since then, their fellowship has grown, despite the large magus' grating manner.


Like most of his House, Annaeus has a particular genius for producing magical items. These tend toward the utilitarian. For example, he initially had so much trouble finding a seat that would comfortably accommodate his frame that he created the Throne Seed and now sits at the high table upon a throne of black basalt. He also created the magical pickaxe known as Hallcarver that created most of the rooms in Alerock. An accomplished woodworker, leatherworker and jeweller, his creations tend to be sturdily, if spartanly, constructed.

Annaeus' magic is recognisable by the bombast accompanying it. His magic produces brutal, forceful, occasionally earth-shaking effects lacking any hint of subtlety.


Since the beginning of his career, Annaeus has created many new devices:

He has also created a handful of new spells (most of which have drawn from his runic research):


Inside, his sanctum is a morass of shavings, clippings shards and custom-made tools dominated by a workbench the size of a king's table. Four-Fold, his familiar, usually lurks here, filling any available space with webs.

Notable Activities

In 1225, Annaeus travelled to Durenmar in Swabia's Black Forest to be initiated into the mystery of the Elder Runes. His initiation made it apparent that the integration of the Elder Runes into hermetic theory by Verditius and Weyland Smith was flawed. For the past two and a half decades, Annaeus has entertained grandiose notions of being the magus who finally perfects their integration. Annaeus has become a frequent and wide-ranging traveller, criss-crossing Britain and searching out relics of the Order of Odin.

In 1228, he attempted to secure his first example of rune magic to study. The closest available was Macabuin, heirloom sword of the Kings of Man and the Isles. Annaeus attempted to steal it amid the chaos of civil war on the Isle of Man. He was completely unsuccessful, and went into his first wizard's twilight after botching a transformation spell at Tyngwald Hill. The twilight experience left him disoriented and he spends considerable time recovering. Macabuin was stolen by a Dverge and taken to a regio near Clontarf, in Ireland.

In early 1230, he mounted a raid into the Clontarf regio, recovering Macabuin and meeting Four-Fold for the first time. Inspired by this success, he mounted an expedition a year later to a faerie regio deep beneath Ben Hope. Meeting with the Dvergr, he negotiated for an item that would heal any wound. The price the dwarves demanded was "the confidence of [his] stride". Blinded by ambition, Annaeus quickly agreed. Late in October in 1234, he journeyed to Ben Hope a second time to complete the transaction. The Dvergr were as good as their word, for good and for ill. Annaeus came home with Trokki's Thread, but found that the further he travelled from Ben Hope, the more his right leg became withered and painful, until by the time he arrived back at Alerock he could barely walk. Since then, he has walked either with a crutch, or in a painful shuffle.

In early 1245, he fought a skirmish alongside men of Clan Mac Domhnall against a force of faeries who appeared to be dead viking warriors. Annaeus believes these faeries to be the Einherjar of norse myth.

In 1247, Annaeus made a visit to Monteverte, in the Normandy Tribunal, seeking to learn whether the mystery cult known as the Children of Odin had, in fact, any connection to the rune-wizards. His visit coincided with a raid in force by the Einherjar, which afforded Annaeus and his companions access to previously secure areas of the covenant. In between stealing books, vis and other magical treasures, Annaeus was able to visit the regio used by the Children for their initiations and establish that, while the Children had no direct magical link to the Order of Odin, they did have control of a highly significant site.

The following year, he made an extensive exploration of the Clontarf regio, making copies of the runes he found carved on the roots of the great tree and locating what he believes to be a gate into the Realm of Magic.

Annaeus has trained an apprentice, who he pronounced a full maga in anno domini 1249 and named Euridyce ex Verditius. Euridyce has since taken up residence in Rupes Vitri.

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