Alexander Stewart

ord Alexander fitz Walter Stewart (christened anno domini 1214) is the High Steward of Scotland, having inherited the title from his father, Walter fitz Alan Stewart, upon the old man's death in 1246. Although his various duties for the Royal household frequently take him far from his holdings, he remains a potent force in the politics of south-western Scotland.



The House of Stewart first settled in Scotland after the feudal reforms of King David (from whom he is, through his mother, also descended) in the 1150s. His great-grandfather fought several battles for and with the King, and was granted extensive lands in Renfrewshire, Kyle and Cunningham. While the Stewarts have made grants of land from this patrimony (notably to Paisley Abbey), they have expanded it into new areas (such as the Isle of Bute), making Lord Alexander one of the wealthier noblemen in the kingdom.

Lord Alexander is the eldest child of his family. His siblings are:

  • Sir Robert, of Tarbolten and Crookston, and Lord of Darnley
  • John, killed at Damietta during the Seventh Crusade
  • Walter Bailloch ("the Freckled"),
  • William Stewart|William, now his brother's steward in Renfrewshire
  • Beatrix, married Maol Domhnaich, Earl of Lennox.
  • Christian, who, though never knighted, rides in his brother's household
  • Eupheme, a noble lady well past the traditional age of marriage, but not yet confined to a nunnery
  • Margaret, now married to her cousin Niall Ferguson, heir to the Earl of Carrick
  • Sybella, married Colin Fitzgerald, 1st Lord of Kintail

Lord Alexander married Laine Nic Lochlann of the Clan Caimbuel, in anno domini 1242. To date, the union has produced four surviving children:


Lord Alexander is Grand Steward of Scotland by right of descent. As such, he is the first officer of the realm, and has responsibility for its finances. Traditionally, he would also act as regent for the king until his majority, though he has been effectively superseded in this role by Walter Comyn, Earl of Mentieth.


Along with his brother, Lord Alexander accompanied the French King Louis IX on the Seventh Crusade. The latest accounts place him in Damietta, in Egypt, though several months had elapsed between the messenger's dispatch and its arrival in Scotland.

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